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For more information on Repellent Rule Changes from 1st May 2014, please visit the Get Off micro-site

Whether it’s your pet or someone else’s, cat and dog fouling can have implications for your health if not dealt with properly, not to mention causing unnecessary stress and upset.

There’s a place for everything, and it’s generally not your carpets, lawns or flowerbeds.  Whether it’s your pet or someone else’s, GET OFF animal repellents offer a highly effective means of deterring even the most persistent of cats and dogs.  By releasing a strong, perfumed odour, GET OFF confuses their sense of smell, deterring the cat or dog from fouling and territory-marking in specific areas of your home or garden.

Choose from: Get Off My Garden Crystals*; Get Off Spray*; Wash & Get Off Spray*; Get Off Lawn Rescue; and Get Off Chew Stoppa Spray.

Did You Know? 66% of the UK population admit that other people’s pets fouling in their garden really annoys them.  Some people even admit going to extremes to prevent it!  Source: Akadine Research January 2007

*May contain methyl nonyl ketone.  Always read the label.  Use pesticides safely.

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